...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

31 March, 2011

have you heard?

Heard what, you say??
...The long, low groan that is resounding throughout the state
as we learn the prediction of a new 7-12 inches
of snow beginning around midnight tonight
and continuing all day tomorrow.

Did I mention the 25 mph winds that will accompany said snow?

Parking bans.  Cancelled events.
Mobs in the grocery store.
The whole nine yards.

All this week, those trusty public works guys
I've shown you before have been sweeping
the streets and sidewalks clean
of a winter's accumulation of salted sand.

Here we go again. 

 A state motto is "The way life should be."
They leave out the asterisk that leads to the small print:
"except in March".


"Poor man's fertilizer" is my new mantra.

(...and "This, too, shall pass".)



  1. Oh dear!!! (love the asterick!)

  2. That asterick definitely needs to be added to your state motto, Mike!
    I am crying for you. So sorry to hear this.

  3. i don't know if i should leave a comment or if i should just leave..o well...here goes...i am writing this while all the doors and windows are wide open...and i am in shorts and flip flops...waiting for the kitchen to cool down...then going out to bbq chicken and corn...92 degrees here today...should i have just left

    sending california sunshine to you...

    but i STILL LOVE MAINE....


  4. Oh, booo. It's April tomorrow. Somebody needs to tell the weather gods!
    Spring will arrive, Mike. Hold on!

  5. Oh, bother (said Winnie-the-Pooh)! We were complaining here because it is still cold. I'll stop and just hope you don't get all that predicted snow, though, I imagine at this point any snow is too much. Hang in there - it is almost over, Mike.

    Those snow/storm clouds are so dramatic. Great pictures.

  6. Oh no! I SO know how you feel!
    I can completely relate..... and all I know to say is: Build a snowman and wait for it to melt.

  7. Mmmm.....may be coming also from me-down the road-my head is back under the pillow......total denial......I am not shoveling..I am not shoveling...I am not shoveling.....another flake!