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21 March, 2011

poor man's fertilizer

We got a delivery of poor man's fertilizer today.

I used to wonder whether the term was meant to
keep us from losing hope when it snowed in spring,
or whether there was any science to calling
a spring snow "poor man's fertilizer".

The term is not a public relations scheme.

These plants will do better 
with today's snow.  Nitrogen is the reason.
Snow has lots of nitrogen.  So does the rain in thunderstorms.

Snow, in seeping into the ground slowly as it melts,
delivers a healthier dose of this important nutrient than the 
soaking rain in a good thunder-bumper.

All you northern New Englanders who got snow today:
don't you feel better knowing that?


  1. Well I do! We just got about a foot of the stuff!
    I feel better already;))

  2. Mike, I feel much better. Especially seeing it snowed there and didn't snow here!
    But I didn't know that, so you have the honor of teaching me the thing I didn't know before!

  3. Well I guess I fell a little better, but how much nitrogen does the earth need. Is there such a thing as nitrogen overload. LOL

  4. I did know snow was very good for crops and the like since it traps the nitrogen and brings it to Earth. But I'm with Robin - glad it didn't snow here!

  5. Mike those pictures are gorgeous! We just now have a dusting out there, but I heard we may get as much as 9 inches...yikes! ~Lili

  6. The images are wonderful! I did NOT know that about the snow!