...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

19 March, 2011

magic moon

Gosh, the moon was pretty tonight.
As close as it's going to get for the next 30 years.

So hard to capture with my simple camera
as it rose tonight just after sunset.

:     :     :

simple camera

grainy photos

...magic moon.


  1. You may not have the photos you wanted, but you got to see it in all it's glory! :)

  2. Mike, we got to see it this evening too!
    A beautiful sight!

  3. I can never get the shot I want of the moon either. But like you, I get to see it in person rising up over the water, and that is a magical sight indeed. ~Lili

  4. I knew you and Lili would be out there over the water taking pics of that beautiful moon rising!! It's Spring!! Wonderful !!

  5. When Emma was a baby, we were driving home from Portland, a very ambitious drive of 700 miles with a young child strapped to her seat in the back. We drove deep into the night, with her fast asleep. As we approached the Rogue River Valley, a full and heavy moon lifted itself slowly and peaked at us between the mountains, darting between the peaks. From the back seat we heard a small voice declare with delight, "I see a moon! I see another moon! I love moons!"

    Your moons look like precious water color paintings.

    Love you dear friend ,cb

  6. Why, I think they look kind a cool and mysterious ~