...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

27 October, 2012

enough is enough

Seems to me...
 a lot of that warm moist air
is coming from numerous hysterical weather people.

Mother Nature is an awesome force.
It's good to be humbled by her once in awhile.

Nothing wrong with staying inside with a good book,
a fire in the fireplace,
some knitting and a battery powered radio.

I'm going to get some hand sewing done!

Stay safe, everyone.

24 October, 2012

the river in autumn

It sure has been pretty here.
Most mornings, I have celebrated the day
with a walk down to the river.

I've shown you this bridge before.
It was designed and built in 1892
by the Roebling Company--
experts in their time 
in designing and building suspension bridges.
(The Brooklyn Bridge was also designed and built by Roebling.)

Mill workers used it to cross the river by foot 
every day to go to work and back.  
It carries two abreast.
It has been recently restored 
and is enjoyed by many in the area
for its beauty, and for the way it moves with you
as you walk on it.

Downstream about a half mile,
there is another bridge that carries cars and trucks.
Restored mills are on both sides of the river.
Two of my docs have offices in those mills.
The view from the windows is grand.

Don't know if you can make it out,
but in the bluest part of the river above
there is a reflection of 
the black railroad bridge 
which also crosses the river nearby.

Every walk takes me from bridge, to bridge 
to bridge.

Today the water was like glass.
Behind that little rocky island,
I spent some time watching a cormorant
fill its tummy with little fish.

This is a wonderful place to reflect each day.
(Pardon the pun.)

*  ~~  *  ~~  * 

Just wanted to say hi, and thank you for
continuing to drop by and leave your
good spirits and kind thoughts.

I keep up with you all several times a week.
(I sneak in and sneak back out when you aren't looking.)

Sending love.