...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

04 March, 2011

working waterfront

Today I drove my husband to Portland for a neuro-rehab appointment.

I packed my knitting and some earphones and planned to park in the sunshine
for the hour or so he was going to be occupied.
...But the lure of the lens and a sense of adventure led me to the wharves
on this cold but still day.  

I took so many photos  today that I'll break them up into two posts.

Here, I'll try to show the winter quiet on a "summertime-busy" wharf.

Though I had to keep blowing on my fingers and re-applying my mittens,
it was a beautiful, calm day on the water.

~*      ~*      ~*

There definitely are fisherfolk on the water and working--but in March in Maine 
some folks give over and go where it is warm for a spell.
Especially those who work hard all summer.

So some boats sport this kind of look: 

And the wharf itself has piles and piles that look like this:

and this:

...doesn't it look like this person left the "office" in a bit of a hurry?

*~       *~       *~

Yet there is also a kind of beauty and order in the silence.

....tomorrow we will talk about lobstering and lobster fishers.


  1. Beautiful shots! I really want to visit Maine -just maybe in the warmer months.... :)

    My great-aunt and her husband used to live in Maine (not sure where) in the summer and Orlando, Florida in the winter.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love all the colors and the reflections are wonderful too!

  3. I love that you felt the lure of the lens and a sense of adventure while you waited for him. I get that all the time.
    I am enjoying seeing Maine through your lens, Mike.

  4. What a great way to spend some time, though I know it was a bit chilly out there for sure!

  5. Oh how lovely. Glad the lure of the lens lured you to all of this!

  6. Mike, wonderful shots! It's nice to see something unfamiliar to me and commonplace to you!

  7. Nice captures Mikes! It WAS really cccccold out yesterday too, but I can surely understand the lure of the lens. ~Lili

  8. ummmm that was supposed to read Mike. ~Lili

  9. Brrrrr. I got shivers looking at the snow on the boat!!

  10. Oh beautiful pics Mike! I'm 60 yrs old and will never get everything done that's fun to do-I cant imagine being bored! What a great way to spend an hour or so when so many people would say it was boring to wait for appt.!