...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

18 March, 2011

sunshine, shadows and reflections

Today we came back to our parked car and it was warm inside!
(A definite turning point in our neck of the woods.)

As Equinox approaches, I have been looking at light
and its many effects.


 fan light

 mackerel  sky


Small miracles, every one.


  1. Mike, I've never heard of a Mackeral sky before. What is the significance?
    Loveley shots, by the way!

  2. Nice job on all! I'm with Robin - will have to look up mackeral sky...

  3. Robin--Mackerel skies are named for the way the little cumulus clouds together look like the markings on a mackerel. I wonder if mackerel, which are very common here, are fish you are familiar with. Often used for lobster bait. I always learned "mackerel sky, twelve hours dry" in using this cloud formation to predict the weather. Here's a wikipedia explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altocumulus_mackerel_sky
    loved your girl duck today. Beautiful colors! mike

  4. Lovely captures.
    That last one stole my heart.

  5. Mike, thanks for the explanation! Makes sense. Gotta love that 12 hours dry part!
    We've had that here this past day!

  6. Love the mackerel skies we get here. My husband did not know what I was talking about the first time I pointed one out, so I wonder if it is just a Maine thing. Beautiful images Mike! ~Lili