...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

14 March, 2011

watching the river flow

The ice is breaking up.
As people say around here, "Winter's back is broken."

There is still plenty of snow, but it's disappearing more and more every day.  
We will probably see it snow again, maybe several times--
But the sun and the air will make sure it won't stay long.

As the river rises above its banks a little,
it shows beautiful reflections and makes lace with ice.

~*       *~*      *~

The water looks different depending on where you look.

 Here it piles ice chunks together.

You can see the river bottom once more in some quiet places in the shallows.

 I like how the ice is thick in spots, and thin in others.

(This guy stopped off for a drink before heading home for the night.)

~*       *~*        *~

Under the bridge, the water seems calm--

 but it's not. 

These whirlpools hint at just how fast the water is moving.

As winter releases its grip, the river comes alive.  

Don't you feel more alive, too?


  1. Yes. I really do. And so does our dog!

  2. A lovely series of images, Mike! I especially love the pile of ice chunks in the river, the shapes are wonderful. While our signs of spring are not the usual ones that come to mind, they are every bit as beautiful as the flowers down south.

  3. Winter's back is broken. I like that.
    And your photos bring me hope:0)

  4. Mike, definitely a true sign of Spring! Lovely shots!

  5. I always enjoy coming out on the other side of Winter. I like the lacy ice pictures too! ~Lili

  6. You have captured both the stillness and the movement so beautifully!