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07 March, 2011

tax relief

Have I mentioned I really hate bookkeeping?

I stopped taking math when I was a junior in high school.  That was 1962.

I use a calculator to balance my checkbook,
I also use a computer bookkeeping application,
and I study my bank balance, both on paper and online.

Most of the time, I get four different numbers. 
Then I add it all up again on the calculator
to see who wins,
and I get a fifth number.  If it wasn't so pathetic,
it would be funny.

This all used to be my husband's job, until his brain injury.
We have a small counseling business, and of course the usual bills and stuff.
I have four checking accounts, which actually makes things easier.  (ha)

When tax time rolls around, I go berserk.  Like this:

I have a sweet little room in my house that is my room for play.
Tax time, it gets invaded by very scary stuff.  
(And all I really have to do is just get things together 
and fill out this little 15-ish page form for the Tax Lady.)

My heart beats hard, my stomach hurts, and as I said in a previous post,
I flit around the house thinking up things to do so I don't have
to go in there.  Until I can't delay any longer.

Corporation taxes are due on March 15.  (Who knew that?)
This weekend was Deadline Weekend.   Ick.
 I survived.  Here's how:

There is an inn in a nearby town that has a most spectacular Sunday brunch.
It isn't cheap, but the food is to die for.  All-you-can-eat buffet.
Just look at the menu.

I made a deal with myself:  if I could be done by brunch time on Sunday,
we would go and eat to our heart's content.
(extra bonus:  after this brunch, we are so full that nobody wants dinner cooked later.)

I finished my tax prep!!!!  (I am no fool.)

This being Maine, look at the first thing you see when you go into the buffet room.

I kid you not.  All you can eat.
Plus,  all the food  in the photos below, and more.  
Do you notice the pictures aren't in focus completely?
Neither was I.  

.....you get the idea.

What does it say about me that I took photos of tables full of entrees and salads,
But when it came to the desserts, each got a photo of its own??

Plus I had a mimosa.  Just one.  

~*     ~*     ~*

Here is my sewing/beading/painting/quilting/knitting play room now.

My projects await, and Daylight Savings Time happens next weekend!!!

Life is grand once more.


  1. I hate stuff like this too. And my husband used to do the taxes as well. Now I go to H&R Block because as simple as our life is, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to numbers.
    Good for you on the deadline thing. Wowza on the food.

  2. Hooray for small big accomplishments! Not much of a comment, but wanted you to know I was here. ;)

  3. Oh Mike, you're so mean! I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get up from the table!
    What a wonderful treat for a job well done.
    Our taxes still haven't been done. I'm sort of procrastinating too!
    Great photography!

  4. Wow! That's one heck of an incentive and reward all rolled into one huge buffet! :) Congrats on regaining your sanity while losing your waistline! Yippee!

  5. Wish I had thought of a feast like that as a motivator!! I finished my tax prep last week, too. I took my mom with me to the tax man (we go to the same guy) and we went to a little lunch afterwards -- nothing like your brunch, though!! They had these FABULOUS oatmeal raisin cookies there and I am now in the midst of trying to duplicate them at home. I've tried 5 different recipes or combinations thereof in the past week. I'm getting closer, but haven't got it exactly yet. I'm afraid that by the time I get it right, I'll be so tired of tasting cookies that I won't be able to eat the final result!!!

    By the way, I like the drawing on your tax notes -- I knew that someone who could bead, quilt and paint could also draw!!! (Thanks for stopping by my blog.) :) Christie

  6. Oh YAY!!!! What a relief...and I LOVED how you celebrated. I think I gained 10 pounds looking at the desserts.:)

  7. Really, all daylight savings times means is that we all agree to get up an hour earlier. That is nothing to celebrate in my book, especially when one has to get kids out of bed and ready for school If truth be known, I actually never change my schedule in the fall because I just find it too onerous to figure out where I am going to get that hour to give back. Why mess with God's time anyway? Love you, dear friend cb

  8. Love the food pics! You must have been at the Muddy Rudder!! Have one in Bangor/Brewer also-love it!! Sunday brunches-mmmmmmmm!!!!

  9. Dang what a buffet!! I hate paperwork with a passion, haven't even bothered to balance my checkbook in years. I did however finish my tax paperwork too and dropped it off at the accountant to do. A total splurge, but worth every penny so that I don't have to crunch numbers. ~Lili

  10. Mike, that is inspiring because we all have tasks we loathe and they are generally in areas that are not our strengths. Love your determination and your approach. Oh! I know that little Inn...the buffet is unmistakable and your photos do it justice.