...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

24 March, 2011

the sea captain's gift

I was in my favorite neighborhood yesterday, and I came upon
my second favorite tree in town.
(My most favorite is a mulberry tree that is on our 
old farmhouse property--you can see it in
my very first post.)

This magnificent tree looks wonderful in every season. 
I particularly like it when it is bare, and the sun
puts its reflection on the barn nearby.

The story that goes with it is this:
Long ago, a sea captain who was really missing his wife
brought a tiny sapling home to her from his very long journey
so he could plant it in their yard
for her to remember him by on his subsequent journeys.

I have heard many recountings of this story.
I have heard almost as many countries declared
as the birthplace of this tree.
I have also heard this story is not true at all.

I don't care who is right. 
I love the story.  I love the tree.  
That's true enough for me. 

(Thanks to each of you for your kind and generous comments.
Each one means so much to me.)


  1. Mike, what a wonderful tree! Just imagine the tales it could tell!

  2. Ah yes, the tales indeed those silent monuments of the earth could tell. The tears shed under them-the whisperings-shared secrets-laughter-maybe weddings-goodbyes-trees are so magical-I can see why you love this one Mike. Makes me want to go visit my old favorite tree!

  3. That would be one of my favorites too. I love trees and think they have a spirit that is so soul-stirring. Thanks for sharing this one with us. And whether the story is true or not, well, some trees deserve their own legends too.

  4. That's beautiful! The tree and the story.
    I think it's very true!:)

  5. The tree and barn look like old pals, don't they?

  6. I feel like I know that yard like it were my own. Thanks for sharing it.