...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

22 March, 2011


One day I will have a long lens.
And know how to Photoshop.

For now, I just had to share with you the magic
 down at the post office late this afternoon.

The trees alongside the parking lot became a magnet
for a flock of cedar waxwings.
As they stripped the branches bare of last year's fruit,
I heard them "tsee"-ing softly to one another.

Probably saying, "Thank goodness we found this!
We've flown a long way to here today, and everything
else is covered with snow!"

~~*    ***    *~~

Ice is out on the river, people!
More about that soon....


  1. How wonderful to see! I love it when they quickly come thru here - they never stay long, but always such a lovely sight!

  2. Very pretty! I'm glad you happened along at the right time!:)

  3. Mike, long lens or not, lovely shot!

  4. Beautiful shot and Mike-beautiful words throughout this land of ice and snow-"the ice is out"!!

  5. An amazing shot, Mike. I wouldn't worry about photoshop and long lens. We have snow flurries here tonight and cold. I loved your poor man's fertilizer.

  6. Very cool, I love your composition Mike! ~Lili

  7. Hurray for you!! I LOVE these birds - they are such a delight to see!!
    I love your shot!

  8. But look what you can do with what you have. Wow.

    And I love the conversation you thought you overheard ~

  9. WOW this is a beautiful shot. I can't imagine what photo shop would have done to make it any more beautiful. hehehe yeah, I have a beautiful expensive camera and one lens....and can't photo shop either...hehehe oh well. I love this post.

  10. Thanks, you guys, for saying nice things about my waxwing image. I am beginning to see it as a cooler photo than originally. What I have in my mind is a photo like Robin produces on a regular basis--one where you can see every feather and detail. This is a different thing, and I know I should open my eyes to what it is. I'm grateful for you nudging me that way. ;o)