...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

12 March, 2011

river fog: March

Yesterday when the rain stopped, the river was mysterious and beautiful.

Ice on the water combined with the still, moist 45º air.  
Mist rose from the surface and hung above it
in gauzy wisps and clumps.


There was a crack in the ice that went from shore to shore
in a meandering kind of way.
I would have loved to hear the boom it made when that happened!

This is how it looked up close.

There was water on top of the ice from the rain.  
I was loving the reflections it made of the trees on the shore.

"Ice out" won't be too far from now.

The newly-arrived birds told me.


  1. Mike, lovely shots! Glad to see is finally breaking up on that side of the country. We've been drenched with rain the last few days, with more to come!

  2. Thanks, Robin. I always am cheered to have a fine photographer such as you encouraging me with my humble photos. Yes, it is good to have hope for spring once more. Rain is what makes it happen, I guess. Do you have to watch your rivers this time of year in BC? We've had so much snow this winter, and now with persistent rain and melting temps, we are all crossing our fingers!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. There is something magical and mysterious in a river fog. You captured it beautifully.

  4. Wow. These really are beautiful. Different from where I live, where today I saw the first tiny budding of a lilac.

  5. That is really neat! And yes, I'd have loved to hear that crack when the break happened!

  6. wonderful photos Mike-and nothing so wonderful as when at this time of year people start asking is the "Ice out" in this lake or that pond!! Love it!!

  7. Spring arrives so subtly in Maine and It takes a discerning eye to see the signs which you have in abundance! These images of fog and ice are indescribably beautiful! They are also very special for me because I recognize the locations.

  8. Beautiful shots Mike! I especially adore the close up one. ~Lili

  9. Yes some fog it is!!!!
    Great pics!!!