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02 March, 2011

taxes, and tax therapy

I'm like a hummingbird today.

I have to get stuff together for taxes.  Both for us and our business.
My way of doing this so far has been to flit here and there,
never stopping anywhere for long.

This part of life is definitely not my thing.

I could tell you about the million diversions I have thought up so far today.
This post being the most recent.

So I went to look at some photos of my grand-bunny.

Maybe she will inspire me.

The girl always gets right to what she sets her mind to do.


  1. This little darling would only inspire me to play! or maybe that's what you really meant!! Play day!!

  2. Cute! Good thing you're starting on those taxes now rather than a month from now!

  3. Oh! not my thing either!!! I like that type of distraction though:))

  4. Who loves taxes and tax time? Certainly not me. certainly not most people.
    Babies are so much better.