...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

02 April, 2011

ten good things about yesterday's snow

  • 10.  The flakes were wet and fat, and they compacted the accumulation significantly.
  •  9.   For a time, the world was beautifully sugar-coated.
  •  8.   Our lights flickered every once in awhile, but we never lost power.
  •  7.   I had time to do the Dreaded Monthly 3Bs.  (bank work, bill paying and bookkeeping.) 
  •  6.  Somebody else did the shoveling and plowing.  The roads were clear by morning.
  •  5.  The wind was awesome, as always during a northeaster.
  •  4.  Due to Daylight Savings Time, it was still light at the time it usually gets dark during a snowstorm, somehow conferring hope.
  •  3.  The book event with Julia Glass and Stewart O'Nan that evening wasn't cancelled in Portland, and they were great!
  •  2.  The storm brought in a whole lot of new birdsong this morning. A consolation prize, for sure!
  •  1.  The sound of snow-melt everywhere today was beautiful. 
(I recorded it on my iPhone for you,  but couldn't figure out how to put it into this post.)

And, look!!  Here comes the sun!!!!

~*** ~

It will all be history by Tuesday.

(if you look REALLY hard, there are some green blades in there.  Honest.)


  1. Now thatsnthe power of positive thinking! The birds certainly did come to life. It was like a chorus out there this morning! And it was quite lovely. Still I'm quite ready for spring ; )

  2. It's nice to know there were all those good things. I love the sound of it melting - sitting in the warmth of the sun bundled up and warm. So pleasant.

  3. I see them. I see those green blades hiding. Soon. Very soon. They will be joined by others and all that poor man's fertilizer will have paid off.

    I love your optimistic list. Here's to spring a'comin'!

  4. We had rain in Connecticut, but everyone I talked to seemed to relish the cozy day. Lovely post, April, beautifully expressed.

  5. Mike, great post. Hopefully this is your last brush with the white stuff. Hope so anyway!

  6. Good to see what I missed when I was away. Love your take on it too. ~Lili