...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

16 April, 2011

skydiving for donuts

Yesterday evening, just outside the Portland Museum of Art-- 
wish you could have seen it.  All of a sudden
there was this quick swoop from the sky down to a sidewalk trash can.
A herring gull effortlessly picked up a paper bag in his beak
 and flew it to the sidewalk in one smooth move.

I'm thinking, he's flying along and suddenly sees the 
Dunkin' Donuts logo and cannot help himself.
(Reminds me of me some days....)

Then he started to walk down the sidewalk carrying it in his beak 
very much like an old man with a huge package.
Of course, I followed,  trying to extricate my camera from its case 
and be unobtrusive at the same time.

(Try it sometime...not easy!)

"Hmmm...hope it's Boston Cream.  My favorite"

"I can't stand the suspense--what's for dinner??

...And what is with this woman who keeps bugging me with that little black box
she's got pressed to her beak?"

"I'm getting out of here.  Taking my bag with me.

"Lady, go away!  Have a little mercy.

Let me dine in peace!!!"


  1. ha ha! i hope it was a good donut after all that!

  2. I love this story and it reminds me of a neighbor, long ago, who tossed jelly donuts in the woods near our house. One day I looked out my window and saw a squirrel on a branch...a donut clutched in its hands! I would have given anything to photograph that vision. Good for you to have your camera handy...the pictures are priceless!

  3. Mike, me thinks that even if you had run right at the gull it would have swooped into the air and settled down behind you and waited for another opportunity! Tenacity they name is Gull!

  4. smilla4, was it THIS squirrel?

    Ha! (found it on flickr)

  5. Oh the suspense Mike!! That is so cool that you got those shots, I love it! ~Lili