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09 April, 2011

Natasha's magic studio

I played at my friend Tasha's all day today.
She is the maker of the stunning quilt you see below.

Tasha is a fiber artist first and foremost, creating her fiber art in 
a collage-like way. She hand dyes and paints all her fabric.
Then she puts together pieces of this fabric, along with embellishments
of all kinds (beads, figures, threads, sparkly things),
lays down some tulle (a fancy name for fine netting),
and quilts the layers together by machine. 
The finished products are gorgeous art quilts, museum- and 
art book- and gallery-worthy.
 Tasha also knits, and makes jewelry and bags and fun figures....
If it is made with fiber and color, she does it.

Tasha is full of magic. Say hi to Tasha:

She is a supremely talented, kind, funny, generous soul.
I love Tasha.  A lot.  (Can you tell?)

From time to time, 
Tasha gives workshops in her studio for humble earthlings such as I.
I've taken several paper collage workshops, and 
a workshop that taught me how to make 'spirit stones" with
smooth river rocks, waxed twine, wire and beads.
Last spring I took a doll-making workshop with her.
Here is the doll Tasha began at that workshop.
She started out with a dowel attached to a block of wood, then
added this and that she had 'just lying around' the studio.

The doll is still a work in progress, and I love her.  Wish you could
see this lady up close! She has dozens of small
charms of hands sewn to her.  Tasha named her

The studio in which Tasha creates her magic is an enchanted place in itself.
Her motto is "more is better".  
Maybe you can get a sense of that as I walk you around a few 
horizontal and vertical spaces in this room full of light,
lime green walls with lots of varied color trim,
 books and beads and quilts and yarns and charms
and glitter and sequins and brushes and paints,
treats for the eyes and spirit everywhere
...and so much more. 
(Like bowls of chocolate nestled alongside the art supplies.)

No need for more words.  Tomorrow I will share with you what
we are making this weekend in our paper collage workshop.
Right now, feast your eyes, and get in the spirit
that is Natasha Kempers-Cullen from Topsham Maine.


(sneak peek for tomorrow: )

                              (made by my old friend Becky)

                             (made by my new friend Anne)


  1. she seems like a wonderful spirit!!! what a creative soul who appreciates color and texture and shares it too. :) Hi Tasha!

  2. Oh I just love that doll! What a cool artist your friend is, and her studio is just wonderful! ~Lili