...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

08 April, 2011

redeeming the day

Today was supposed to be the best-est day.  
No appointments, nothing standing in the way between
me and my long-delayed sewing projects.
(Besides a bit of sleeping in and some reading before rising, that is.)

What is it the cynics say?  Make plans
and watch God laugh hysterically??

From my first step outside the bedroom, the you-know-what hit the fan.
I will not even go into it, although it has
everything to do with the two 
cognitively challenged beings who share this space with me, man and dog.
Best not dwelled upon, and quickest set aside....

Here is what helped:

This little pond sits right outside our back door in front of our patio,
and can be viewed from the sun room and all the bedrooms.  
The pond is what sold the condo to me,  I who pledged never to 
live in a durned condo EVER, prior to seeing it.
In spring and summer it is ringed with wildflowers, and
in it resides a chorus of frog-types who serenade us
from Spring Peeper time through August.

For about a month this winter, you couldn't even see 
a "pond dent" out back, there was so much snow.

As of two or three days ago, our pond was still covered in ice.
This morning, there was a thin ribbon of thaw 
around the perimeter on the eastern side.
Above is what today hath wrought, while I was busy
thinking nothing at all good was happening.

Late this afternoon, the other wonderment happened.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Anas Platyrynchos.
I saw them the other day waddling across the ice, as if to say
"Hmmm--last year at this time we were in the swim.
What's happening, man??"

As I was taking time this evening to notice the ice-melt, 
they descended (to my delight) right on cue.

They are still there, making wonderful concentric rings in the water
as they paddle and go tail-feathers-up to snack on 
 duck-goodies on the bottom.

Suddenly, all is right with the world.

(Even if I don't have that long lens I covet.)


  1. oh, but you have your beautiful duck buddies to watch - even from afar... :) lovely!

  2. Mike, must be nice to have them come right to your back door. I have to drive for an hour to get to mine!

  3. Well, this is promising. That pond would have sold me, as well. I've got my eye on a used lens ab B&H. But still, it's more than I can afford right now.

  4. Oh, how I loved this! We are a few weeks ahead of you, barely, and, as I was thrilled as a hog wallowing in mud on the fourth of July when I saw that the ducks were back in our pond - I know of your delight today. We are in the 50's with 80's predicted for tomorrow. Not quite ready for that. The daffodils are just starting to bloom and the heat will make them bolt. Ah, there I go, never satisfied. I hope you are enjoying your day, in spite of the cognitive dwellers.

  5. Oh the pond is lovely and the ducks you captured, but please be sure to show us flowers when they arrive! ~Lili