...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

12 April, 2011

they're back!!

The birds are busy everywhere these days--
looking for dried grass, new sticks, moss,
old pieces of thread and yarn--
anything and everything to make a sweet nest for the 
new life soon to appear.

Just as you are coming down from Witch Spring Hill
into Bath on Rt. 1 heading (north)east,
There is a tall power pole in the wide 
median between the opposing lanes of traffic.
It sports a huge osprey nest on the top.

This nest has been on this pole for almost 20 years, 
maybe longer--since the osprey started to thrive again
in these parts of the world.
(Though one or two summers ago, the old nest was replaced 
by the one that is there now--a few feet away on the same pole.
...I'm guessing she was "updating".)

I have been looking hard every day for the last few weeks,
excitedly anticipating the return of the osprey pair
who raise their chicks here each summer.
On Thursday, I saw the first one.

Cars are supposed to slow down as they descend the hill into town.
But drivers do it most consistently in the springtime 
when we are all looking for the Definite Proof that winter is over.

This morning, there they both were.  
There was nesting material being flown in,
and might I say, 
a little, ... um....fooling around going on between the two of them.

I pulled over into the breakdown lane and got out my trusty little camera.
(I won't tell you again here how much I want a long lens.)
It was a lovely interlude, despite the cars and trucks zooming
beside me,  some entering the highway and all
picking up speed to go up that hill 
on the southwest-bound side.

My flashers were on, and I was minding my own business
(and that of the osprey)
when suddenly I noticed a visitor had joined me.

"Oops!"  says I.   "The things I do for my blog"....

Meet one of Bath's finest--Officer Jensen.   
As you can see, he was not put out in the least bit
by my dallying on the highway.   
He just wanted to make sure I didn't need any roadside assistance.
We chatted about the lovely day, the other osprey and eagle
nests in the area, and then bid each other a good rest of the day

I love Maine in any season.  
Our springtime is short, but it is full of charm.


  1. LOL! At first I thought, "Uh OH! Ticket time!" Glad he was supportive of your need for a photo for your blog followers!

    He's got a fine smile! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, my. And charming policemen. I love Maine!

  3. What an exciting sign of spring - the osprey, and the smiling officer of the law. Glad he was checking to make sure everything was okay. Wonder what he was saying over coffee at the end of his shift. ha!

  4. Mike, nice post. We don't have any Ospreys near here, but there are some across the river north or us, beside a huge lake. They are a favorite of mine too!
    Nice to see the police are keeping an eye out.
    Thank you Officer Jensen! Thanks for caring!

  5. Its amazing to think that the nest has been there that long. Gotta love your local police department!! I am married to one.

  6. I so enjoy following your blog...the words "coastal Main" captured my attention! I've wondered if you were located anywhere near Bath, as we visited there (our very 1st time to Maine) from MN to attend a ship christening at Bath Ironworks a few years back. We just fell in LOVE with your state & enjoyed our few days there. Today's post answered my wondering!

    Am glad that Mr. Bath Policeman was kind enuff to go along with your great pix of the osprey nest-- so awesome to see-- Great job!

  7. Mike you must certainly be a charmer to have that nice policeman pose for you for your blog -- very nice! Love the shots you got of the osprey too. ~Lili

  8. The osprey have a special place in my heart and I am glad to know they are frisky and back in residence...I know this spot so well! I love this post and your anecdote of your police encounter, one more reason why I can hardly wait to come home whenever I am away.