...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

19 April, 2011

heading out

Tomorrow I begin a small solo journey to the Far East
where I will spend time with my 
much-missed grandson and his parents.

Don't know if I'll be posting from there--it depends on a number of things.
I'll be taking photos, and thinking of ways
to show you what I've seen while I've been away.

Take good care, good people.  Enjoy the burgeoning spring.

I'll be back!


  1. beautiful images! safe travels!!!

  2. Have fun be safe! The ocean photos are stunning.

  3. Mike, love the footprint shot!
    Hope you have a great trip and visit with you grandson!
    Have a safe trip and I'll look forward to your return

  4. Hello:
    Just as we have discovered you, you are taking flight. But not, we hope, for too long and so are signing as Followers in the hope of your return.

    The image of the footprints is, indeed, quite remarkable, and acts as a catalyst for all manner of thoughts and ideas.

  5. Safe journey and return, with loads of pictures and interesting stories.

  6. We'll try to have Spring all ready for you when you return. By now you've reached your destination, how very cool and exotic to spend Easter in the Far East (and more importantly, with your grandson!). ~Lili

  7. Spring had better be here when you return Mike!! More mud and black flies-but alas flowers and longer sunny days and veggies-FRESH!! Safe travels my friend!~~Rain~ enjoy ~

  8. So sorry I missed this post. (I can't comment on your blog for some reason unless I use a different server. Maddening...)

    Anyway- I wish you happy and safe travels, and hope you have a wonderful time with loved ones. (Much better than a Choir of Frogs:))

  9. I have just returned from my own trip to read you have already left for the far east. I can't tell you how much I look forward to hearing about your family reunion and impressions. Wishing you many days of happy and inspired experiences and Maine in bloom when you return!