...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

03 May, 2011


Just flew back from Hong Kong
...and boy are my arms tired.

I had a wonderful time, but just now I am consumed
with the 12 or 13 time zones
I traversed yesterday 
during my 20+ hour flight. 

When my kids were little, we always had music playing in the house.
One winter there was a John Denver album
we listened to almost every day.
One of my favorite songs on this album was 
"Hey, It's Good To Be Back Home Again"
or as my son called it, "the Beebak song."

It was so good this morning to smell clean, New England spring air
and to see the willow trees around the 
exit for the bus station in Portland
all fluffed out in their graceful green skirts.

The forsythia is out!

Hey, it's good to be back home again.


  1. Oh, I felt this same way on Saturday when we arrived home after a week away.
    I believe we're about 3 weeks ahead of you on the blooming here. Well, maybe a month - I don't know. My lilac is quite done and the dogwood is beginning to fade rapidly. Welcome home!!

  2. Hello:
    There really is no place like home!

    Still, what stories you must have to tell from your travels. We know that we should never be able to spend so much time in an aircraft so are looking forward to travelling virtually with you!

    Welcome back.

  3. Mike, glad you're home safe and sound!

  4. Mike glad you're home-from I hope a happy, fun trip. For sure there's no place like home!! SPRING!!

  5. Just giggling at seeing "beebak". When our Jennifer was little, sitting in her high chair or playing with her daddy, I would head to the basement with a laundry basket or need a can of something and say "I'll be back". One day, she looked at the basement door and said "beebak"! For the longest time the basement was the beebak.

    Welcome back!

  6. Welcome home Mike! Oh how I know that long flight from Hong Kong and how much it takes out of you. Looking forward to seeing your lovely photos once you've recovered from jet lag...today's is tantalizing!

  7. Glad you're back- hope your time was wonderful there.
    Nope- no place like home!!!!
    Hope we get to see some photo captures....when you're rested of course;)

  8. Yay! Catching up with your posts I didn't realize you were already home. Great feeling, huh? ~Lili