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17 May, 2011

feelin' spleeny

In Maine, as well as other parts of New England,
if you aren't feeling well, and maybe
are complaining about it a bit,
you are said to be feeling "spleeny".

This week I am doing a happy "equal time" stint in Colorado--
visiting my other grandbaby for a few days.

She isn't feeling well, after going to her first Rocky's game
on Saturday in less than stellar weather conditions.

So we are home alone together today, just quietly hanging out.
In between long naps, this is what she has been up to:

I am so glad she has her lovey on a day like today, 
...and her two little fingers.


  1. Oh my goodness-Mike-she's adorable and beautiful!! I'm glad she has her own lovey-everyone should have one!!

  2. what a sweetheart. i hope she gets to feeling better soon!

  3. SO SWEET! I want to just reach in and cuddle:)
    Hope she gets to feeling better.....and not Spleeny:)

  4. Mike, she's a real citie pie! I hope she feels better real soon!

  5. I've been feeling a tad spleeny myself and wish I had a lovely to cuddle!

    She is just too cute, Mike. Enjoy your time with her and thanks for sharing the little sweetie with us today.

  6. Oh she is adorable Mike... or as they say in Maine "ain't she cunnin'"! ~Lili