...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

18 May, 2011

the mandarin's house, macao

One day when I was in Hong Kong,
my son took just me to Macao, telling me the night before 
we were going to Europe the next morning.

Macao is many things:
ancient port city, former Portuguese settlement,
current gambling destination, tourist shopping mecca.  
These are just a few of its faces.

The humidity was 96% the day we climbed the steep hill
to the old Portuguese fort, and then descended 
narrow streets and alleyways,
admiring the mix of Europe and Asia everywhere.

Shopping is not my thing, nor is gambling.
I loved the old Portuguese Catholic churches,
but my favorite was the Mandarin's House--
a huge 60-room mansion built in the mid 19th century
with a mix of Asian and European architecture.

The fascination for me was in the details.
I hope you like them, too.


  1. love the red accent among the black and white. :)

  2. This is beautiful ART!
    No...shopping isn't my thing either...but visits to here would be!:)

  3. Beautiful photos Mike!

    I will forever remember Macao for a comment I overheard while visiting..."In Macao, the expression, 'Mañana', has a sense of urgency."