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10 May, 2011

so many fish!

No matter where I've traveled, the markets fascinate me.
Hong Kong was no exception.  

This collection of fish photos was taken in various places in the city
as we explored market after market.

I've noticed the Chinese way of selling fish
is often to present it whole and live,
no matter how compromised that life is 
in the small container it is placed.

See the little hoses that bring air into this shallow pan?

These beauties break the surface of the water in their plastic container.
No air bubbling in.  They are barely moving. 
Pretty, aren't they??

I'm not quite sure why some get air and others don't.
Maybe the ones out of the water simply gave up the ghost.

Other fish are presented cleaned and sometimes fileted,
 such as you can see above. 

Still others are presented whole, more or less as we would see them
in a local fish market here in the West.  

I loved the colors of these fish together...

I think this fish's eyes are on the other side of its body.  Spooky!

Then, there are countless dried fish.  
I especially liked these little sardine-type fish below.
They were silvery and looked crispy.

As were these, which looked like an 
anatomy lesson in the making.

Next time I'll show you some fisher-boats.
And a time soon after I will show you other market treats.
(.......Like chicken feet...........)

I am slowly getting back to Eastern Daylight time.
I still wake up with the birds,
and need to be in bed, lights out, by 9.
But that's not really a bad way to live, so I am 
not complaining.

There is nothing like spring mornings with their
birdsong and new growth.
And nothing like being sung to sleep by wood frogs--
windows wide open so as not to miss a note!

Good night, good people.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i always tell my hubby, had i had his childhood (spending 10 yrs in SE Asia) i wouldn't have survived because i wouldn't have eaten much of anything... :) open markets totally geek me out (as does meat markets in general). i'd never make it!

  2. wonderful to see such a fresh and dried variety. How fun

  3. Mike, great post! Great shots! My there certainly is a large variety of fish! They eat a lot of stuff that we wouldn't even look at!

  4. You are in shock (culture?time?) ~~ I'll send help....... I eat the stuff--but these photos are...... unspeakable!!!!!!! I cannot continue-hate to abandon you when you have slipped so--but~~fondly I remain your friend~~Rain