...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

15 May, 2011

'tis a gift to be simple...

Traveling the back roads today along the river,
we came upon a scene from another time.

These girls seemed to be dancing with their rakes
to the tune of the lively spring wind.

The colors of their long dresses complemented
 blossoms just hatched on the trees and bushes,
and the spare colors of the house and barn
were the perfect backdrop.

It was a lovely, simple thing.


  1. Now this is beautiful!! Love it!!

  2. Amish? Mennonite? If I drive about an hour north into Pennsylvania, this would be a common sight. Lovely, actually ~

  3. These pictures are simple and lovely, and the thought of these girls, working hard to be sure, and "dancing with their rakes" is pure poetry.

  4. ahhhh....a serene sight. How I wish that was my place right now....
    Hope your week has been wonderfuL!

  5. Oh my gosh, reminds me of a scene perfect for an Andrew Wyeth painting! Gorgeous! ~Lili