...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

15 May, 2011

mackworth at bud time

Just a five minute drive from downtown Portland,
there is a wonderful, quiet island 
that seems to be miles and miles away
from any city scape.
Nobody lives here, although it used to be owned
by a former governor of Maine,
who turned it over to the public when he died.

Approached by a causeway, it has a walking path
that goes around it, with small beaches
and vistas and some hanging double swings
along the way.

A very small parking lot, and lots of "no parking" signs
on the mainland, keep the island free of
too many visitors at once.

I love to come here at bud time.

Since I was in Asia during this year's bud time,
here are a few photos from my last year's
long walk around the island.

Even the rocks along the shore are full of color.

We'll come back another time, maybe in the summer.  
For now, we'll head back along the causeway, so that someone 
else can have a chance to visit....


  1. Your photos, once again, are breathtaking!

  2. oh those are lovely. at first when you said 'bud time' i thought it was like saying 'miller time' when you just want to crack open a beer and relax. ha!!!

  3. Mike, nice shots! I'm like you! I love to see things starting to grow again!

  4. This time of year never gets old does it Mike! It's the same--but new and exciting every spring!! Course fall is the same for me also!

  5. Hi ...my daughter, grandson,and I walked Macwort
    Island on Easter afternoon this year.. gorgeous isn't it...well maintained, but sustained a lot of damage by this past winters winds!!
    We plan to do the walk in the mid summer!!
    Like you blog!!