...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

21 February, 2011

working stern, in a manner of speaking

The person who puts bait in the bags and the bags in the traps for a lobsterfisher 
is someone who "works stern".  Meaning she/he is in the back of the boat 
doing the odd jobs while the captain in the bow steers the boat to the fishing grounds,
starts the winch, and moves forward to pay out the lines.

Not lobstering today.  Instead, I'm helping my daughter hang curtain hardware and new curtains.  
We didn't start until baby went to bed.
She is doing all the hard work while I do the fetching.  And the cheering on.  
I am sitting here in the living room, knitting, jumping up and down 
as requested to be in service of this excellent project.

Thus, I can't think.  Or compose.  
But I wanted to say hi to all of you.

Hi.  Hope all of you Americans are having a great three-day weekend.
And that the Canadians and others are just as happy.


  1. Really cool photo here. Enjoy your day working stern. Oh, and knitting! Flurries expected here today, but I have off so all is well ~

  2. I really enjoy your blog! I've passed along a Stylish Blogger Award to you. Don't feel obligated to participate if you are swamped with work, but I wanted others in my teacher circle to know about you.

  3. Aah yes-always have to have a stern worker on board no mater the job!! Beautiful photo! Very homesick for my Maine-even though I have my toes in the ocean and sand on south Fla-home within two weeks! I'm sure there will still be some snow for me! And I'll have a special little squawk box with me-my husband and I are driving the truck up with "the little guy"!-3 mos old-hummmm-we'll see.........!-I think we are the stern workers on their move back north!

  4. "Works stern" is an apt description for helping a daughter to hang curtains....never would have made that leap, but the analogy is perfect! As is your lovely abstract capture of water reflections...a very beautiful photograph!

    Many thanks for your kind comment on my Bahrain post...

  5. Wow, Christie--thank you!! I am pretty much completely dumbstruck, having commenced blogging only three weeks ago tomorrow! It has been so easy with all the help and encouragement that has come my way from people like you. I do accept, and will do the 'homework' with pleasure, just not tonight because it is packing night. Going back to the east coast tomorrow, and to Maine the next day. I will happily get to it tomorrow--or the next day for sure.

    You are so sweet. Thank you!!

  6. I love your blog, dear friend. I get to hear your voice most every day. How lucky I am! I can't wait to kiss those sweet little ingrid cheeks this fall.

    I have been ferociously busy at the helm of my lobster boat. Grateful for all of those who are working stern for me these days.

    love you!