...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

16 February, 2011

to sleep, perchance to dream

There is a reason why babies are born real little,  sleeping a good part of every day.  That's so mommies and daddies can get in shape over time, kind of like training for the Olympics.  
As baby grows, parents develop endurance.
Grandparents who drop in out of the sky from time to time are in no such shape.
They love their grandkids, but they get tired

I'm feeling a bit tired tonight.  
I spent the day as Grammie Caregiver again.  (Wouldn't have it any other way.) 
My grandbaby girl struggled much of the day today.  Finally I gave her some Tylenol for babies and within 20 minutes she was her usual cheerful self.  
She never complains without good reason.  Something hurt today, poor chick.

~     ~     ~     ~

Meet my good friend Jim.  He can fall asleep anywhere, in two seconds flat.

Baby has been sleeping soundly for a couple of hours now.

Grammy is going to follow suit, to dream of this lovely afternoon on Monhegan Island.

Tomorrow we'll be ready for another day.....


  1. Grandparenthood is wonderful. But it's very demanding. They say, that's why you have your kids when your young! But Grandparenthood is a full time job! And it's great, isn't it!!

  2. I think that the universe makes it so that new parents soon incorporate all the exhaustion of it all into their lives so that they don't go stark raving mad...lol! It's not until you go through it that you look back and wonder how you did it all!

  3. I love Monhegan Island.....I was thinking of staying in that wonderful old hotel, what a restful place that would be.

  4. Now you've gotten me dreaming about summer in Maine too! What a cool pic. ~Lili

  5. My youngest granddaughter, who arrived when I was 70 years old, wears me out. I love being with her of course, but I'm not in good enough shape to keep up with her. She's now 6, and has developed a sense of when Grandma needs to slow down. Love the Monhegan photo. I have stayed in the old hotel, and walked the island. It's a marvelous place.

  6. I think Jim has a great spot to nap!

  7. Oh, how lovely! To be a grandparent . . . to be on Mohegan Island . . . and to fall asleep in two seconds flat!