...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

24 February, 2011

taken back

It is good to be home again.

We got home yesterday, and after a whirlwind of unpacking, 
checking mail, watering plants, getting the dog,
checking for phone messages, and so on--
I went to the local grocery chain for bread and milk.

As I rounded one aisle corner, I found these teenage girls camped out
on the floor by the magazine section. 
Heads together, giggling and pointing and sharing,
they took me back to my junior high school days...
when my friend Karla and I would pore over
'movie magazines' for hours,  then part company to go
to our respective homes...and immediately call each other up 
for another hour or so of girl chat--
all between our walk together home from school and dinner.

These girls were so dear--pizza and chips in their shopping bag--
likely getting ready for a sleepover on a school vacation
Wednesday night in February.

Remember when??


  1. Oh, my gosh YES!

    I remember.

    And I am smiling. I love that you took this photo. It speaks a thousand words. xo

  2. Oh yes this is very nice-the innocence of youth is great! Glad you had a wonderful vacation-welcome back to the world!! I'll be back to the shocking different world of Maine next week!! It's nice to go away-but super nice to come home!

  3. Mike, I do "remember when" and, perhaps, this is testimony to "Maine, the way life should be..." It is so refreshing to see these girls reading magazines (there are so few left on the stands!) and not home alone texting and on facebook!

  4. Thanks for that wonderful memory Mike, yes it did bring me back!! Love that you've even captured the Bangor Metro mag in that shot. Welcome back, even if it is to more snow.... ~Lili

  5. What a sweet photo! Yes, I DO remember reading the Tiger Beat and Teen magazines from cover to cover. Welcome home!

  6. How sweet! and yes I do remember well...for me and my friends it was Seventeen magazine. And Oh the sleepovers!