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02 February, 2011

snow day!

Lovely day today.  It turns out we got away with much less trouble than most folks did in that big chunk of the country that has been beaten by the weather.  Here:  only about 10 inches of snow, in a place where they know exactly how to deal with it.

It was great to stop the world and watch the snow come down.  I cleaned out a closet and the freezer to feel virtuous.  Then I settled in to figure out this blog thing.  It is good to have uninterrupted time to sit and figure stuff out.  Or start to, anyway.   I've been out to walk the dog, but without  my camera.  Tomorrow is another day.

Here are some images from snows of the past:

This guy lives outside our front door.  He never minds the snow!

Wonder who was walking here?
Meantime, down the road at the traffic light:

Time to go home and find a good book and a cup of tea. 


and look out the window.


This last is from today.  It shows how much I crave a zoom lens.  I like it anyway--it's monochromatic,  full of snow--and that brave little chickadee to the left of the feeder is not giving in to the weather!

good night.  ;o)

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  1. Thanks for making the type bigger ~ it's easier to read this way.
    Yes, some day it would be nice to have a zoom lens. But what a pretty place it is where you live.

    And I love that sea glass wreath!