...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

15 February, 2011

February's shadows

It is shirtsleeve weather where we are.  
We went for a walk with our grandbaby today, stopping often to listen to the music of melt as snow turned to water, flowed through downspouts and hit the ground.  

We hear through the grapevine that at home in Maine it is pretty cold today.

I have been thinking about the light, and how it helps us get through the winter.

I love the way the light changes around this time of year in Maine.
  The sun's angle is different, and because it is higher in the sky, the sun is warmer, too.  
It causes me to stop a bit, and look at shadows.   

Goodnight good people.


  1. Enjoy the warmer temps and sunshine!

  2. Beautiful shadows! Nothing better than stopping and appreciating even those:)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog- I appreciate your input on my questions:)

    Have a wonderful day....and capturing each moment/shadow. You do it beautifully!

  3. very beautiful photos! I had to catch up and I loved your decent! YES I am so excited for warmer weather too....and the baby oh that baby is adorable!

  4. Very nice Mike! You've captured it all so well, enough to actually make me "feel" the days getting longer! ~Lili

  5. Yesterday was unusually warm here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Even too warm for a light sweater. It will get cold again, and then people will get grumpy and impatient. It's February, for heaven's sake and it's supposed to be cold.
    This morning, it's mild but the wind is gusting strong. More like March today.