...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

26 February, 2011

light: late. undulate.

Walking the dog in the late February light,
I was
unable to ignore the shapes, waves, concavities and hummocks.
A fresh batch of snow yesterday covered up the
imperfections of melt
and rested like a white comforter over the ground.


  1. It is a thing of beauty, though I can be difficult to capture. Lighting and temperature play a big roll. Quite beautiful, though I'd love to see a daffodil or two right about now ; )

    Let's hope the rain on Monday doesn't cause flooding!

  2. Amazing how clean everything looks after a new snow (but I think I'll keep our 60+ degrees, thank you.)

  3. The poem was perfect for the pictures. Thank you for boosting my day with the beauty of your thoughts.

  4. Well, you know - that's really pretty.

  5. Thanks, friends, for your comments! I wasn't sure if my photos accurately represented what I saw or not. I agree, daffodils, tulips--all seem 'feet' away.... xo

  6. Out here is the land of Sunshine we had a rare glimpse of the white stuff yesterday. Very weird indeed. I had to drive over the mountains to a meeting and felt a sense of panic as I gripped the wheel the entire trip. I remember the night I drove to your house in a blizzard of white stuff. I could barely see 3 feet in front of me as I inched down the highway. I was no sissy back then. I had laundry to do.

    Love you dear friend. cb

  7. While I'm not fond of mud season (just around the corner!) these beautiful spare images remind me why I love winter with its wondrous light and shadow. You have captured that perfectly!

  8. I'm thinking that sure is a whole lot of pretty snow right there. If I wasn't so sick of all the pretty snow that is. LOL! ~Lili