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27 February, 2011

skating downtown, after dark

We have a mall right downtown.

Not a shopping mall.  
It is a mall in the sense of the 17th century definition:
a sheltered pedestrian walkway or green.
Other New England towns call spaces like this the Town Common.

In the spring, summer and fall it is a gathering place for everyone.
You can get a hot dog or a wrap or some ice cream, and eat it sitting on a bench 
or on the grass while you watch the world go by.
On Fridays, you can shop at the farmer's market.
It is the site for several small town festivals and fairs.
On summer nights, local bands sometimes perform.
And there are a few spontaneous Ultimate Frisbee games 
by high school friends who are 
just about ready to go their different ways to college.

As soon as it snows sufficiently, the town
banks up snow in a large circle, and floods this rink for all to enjoy.
There are actually a few of these in town.

 This one is my favorite.


  1. Looks lovely! Have you ever seen the movie "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase? That's what this reminds me of... :)

  2. Mike, it certainly looks like lots of fun. I remember outdoor skating! Toboggan parties and hot chocolate! Yum!

  3. What a wonderful sounding place!

  4. Mike-This truly is the best kind of mall !--small towns are the best!

  5. I know this mall well as I spend my summers in this town! Love the Friday market, Danny's Hotdogs, the attendant greedy seagulls and all the families enjoying a peaceful warm day. Love seeing this in winter!

  6. I love the quaint feeling of small towns or towns with "center". It just pulls evryone together and is cozy. The pics of the snow drifts are incredible. Tell me that is your front yard? OH MY! BTDT and although it is amazingly beautiful I just don't look forward to the cold anymore!

  7. Yes, Carol--you guessed right. I knew this town was where some of your beautiful blogs came from--thought you lived here year-round for awhile--couldn't figure why you were always traveling to BH!! ;o)
    And Linda--yes, that was my front yard in the previous post. And a few other people's front yards, too. I don't know if you remember my face-on-the tree from my second post ever, called "snow day!". We haven't seen that guy for several weeks now....
    Thank you all for being so kind. Come back again!

  8. It's amazing the differences you find within the same state just a few hours away. What a beautiful place you live in Mike! It's like I just figured out where the Maine I read about in all the issues of Downeast Magazine is hiding out! Simply gorgeous. ~Lili

  9. I have great memories of skating there as a kid, and afterward Amy and I would cross Maine St all by ourselves and order grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream sundaes from that lunch counter in Senters?? I think? My memory is failing me. Anyhoo--thanks for bringing me this memory. ;-)

  10. As I'm just discovering your blog, you'll be finding my comments on some of your older posts. This photo is amazing! Reminds me of an old Victorian Christmas Card!