...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

01 September, 2011

my muse

I am packing my banana boxes.
(The best way to get what you might need and want
for a two week stay on a small island
10 miles out to sea, via ferry boat.)

It's an annual event for me.
A respite.  A retreat.  A reprieve.  
My little cottage has four rooms,
no phone, no electricity, no wireless,
lots of light, a view to die for (see the blog header)
and most everything my heart desires.

I soak up the sounds of the gulls, the sea, the bells,
the boats, the buoys, the crickets,
and the essential silence at night.

I take in the light, the monarchs, the migrating birds,
the last of the gardens, the trails, the forest,
the ocean everywhere, the fog,
the Milky Way, the mushrooms, the surf,
and the occasional big storm.

I couldn't ready myself for winter unless I did this.
I've been doing it for 44 years.

I'll walk, sit in the sun, watch for whales,
hike on the trails, nap, read a million books,
knit, go to bed early and wake to the arrival of each morning's ferry.

I'll take photos, and show them to you when I get home.

Til then, good people, be well and think of me.
I will be thinking of you.


  1. With these photos as an indication of those to come, I will try to await your return with patience!! It sounds like a wonderful retreat!

  2. You have no idea how envious this makes me. What a magical escape...one we all will dream of now. I DO hope you have an incredible and peaceful getaway. We will be thinking of you and your reprieve! Happy rest-away!!!

  3. Safe travel as you journey to your retreat. This sounds like a refreshing annual pause in your life. These pictures are spectacular. Can one hope for more?

    Safe home.

  4. Sounds glorious! We all have our ways of coping with the coming winter, I think I like yours best. ~Lili

  5. Summer is not over with Labor Day! My late perennials beg to differ! The dahlias are just coming into their glory! We wish for the end of WInter, and count the days until Spring, and I will be dragging my feet toward Autumn, only accepting its arrival with the full blaze of the forest!!!
    I hope your sojurn gives you everything and MORE that you expect of your annual retreat!!!

  6. Beautifully expressed. I know nothing restores the soul like wide open ocean views and a Maine shoreline. Whatever the weather (and it is not the best as I write) it is still magnificent with its abundant treasures and rich heady scents. I couldn't live without it either.

  7. You are living the life. I know you may not think this, but I'm sure you appreciate what a wonderful life it truly is. Enjoy ~

  8. Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing your part of Heaven.

  9. Enjoy and be safe! I hope the storms avoid you.
    Can't wait to see the pics!

  10. Thank you for the peek. OMIGOSH how I would love to do something like this.