...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

30 September, 2011

looking for an agent

This individual practically crawled into our backpacks
as we were visiting the island cliffs.

"Hey!  You two!!  Whip out them cameras!
I'm looking for some paparazzi!
I've GOT to get out of this one-bird burg!

Somewhere like Hollywood! (is that an island?)  Manhattan!  Hawaii!

Know'm sayin?"

"Can you focus in a little closer?

Do you know any talent agents off-island?

Is this my best side??"

"I do the windblown look very well, don't you think?"

"Regardez my bouffant feather-do."

"You must notice I'm standing in a strong wind and only my feathers are moving.
I could start as a stunt-bird if I have to...."

"Not that I'm bragging, but take a look at the legs on this gull!"

**  **  **

If anyone knows of a theatrical agent, this bird is seeking one.
Last seen on White Head, Monhegan Island.

(Bring toast.)


  1. Love your show gull Mike, knobby knees and all! ~Lili

  2. Mike, LoL.!! Love it! But you do know the only thing it was interested in was the toast!

  3. Haha...and I thought I had knobbly knees:)
    That guy is HUGE!!!

  4. I am so jealous.....I LOVE Monhegan Island.

  5. Barbara and I like the knobby knees the best.

  6. Ha! What great looking legs! Very endearing series. I know some view the gulls as a nuisance, but what would Maine be without their silly antics?