...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

27 September, 2011

the view from the floor

Nothing is static on the forest floor.
Birth and death sit side by side.  
Decay forms the basis for new life.

Look in the morning, you may see nothing new.
Return in the afternoon, and something 
has pushed up with an abundance of quiet force.

Come back the next day, and it may already be in decline.

The island trails are full of wonder in September.
Moisture from autumn storms and from the
condensation of cool night air provides opportunity for
fungi to appear in great abundance of form and color.

Every day brings new beauty. 

Imagine the force required for this fragile mushroom to move
the debri above it out of its way.

~~~~~ ** ~~~~~

From this rotted tree stump sprouts new life.
I find considerable joy in knowing this.  

Per saecula, saeculorum.  Amen.


  1. these are beautiful. and i loved your forest story of life...

  2. Mike, wonderful 'shrooms! I read recently that there are literally thousands of different fungi. They amaze me too, that they appear overnight where nothing was the day before!

  3. proves once again-everything is precious to life......

  4. From the wake of the storm to the force of a fungus - magnificent posts.

    I "get a kick" out of a forest walk, or, down our path, this time of year as the fungi sprout on the trees. We actually have a weatherman here, Brant Miller, who hosts Fungus Wednesday, inviting viewers to email their friendly neighborhood fungi. I am always amazed at the variety they show on the air (though none as magnificent as yours).

  5. Wow, Your photos are spectacular. It's almost as if I has right there walking by your side. Love you dear friend and miss you to pieces. cb

  6. Beautifully written and photographed, Mike! I wonder if you saw the NPR article, "When it Rains, it Spores?" Apparently, mushrooms have been sprouting like crazy up and down the east coast. We had clusters the size of bushes at the cottage. The squirrels loved them!

  7. I too find joy in that! Your captures made me want to run outside right now...and explore.They are beautiful.
    A wonderful-feel-great post. I needed this today.
    Now I think I'm headed out for an explore....

  8. I love this post, it's so full of the cycle of death and birth. I remember being taken on a 'fungi walk' in the NZ bush once, with an expert, and discovering a marvellous microscopic world that I never knew existed. Your photos give an intimate glimpse of this world. Thank you.