...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

19 September, 2011

back from the island!

Did I mention my grandbaby and daughter came to Monhegan with me?
And our dear friend Michelle, who took the photo below....?

And they are still with me, even though we are home
(with the exception of auntie CB, who had to leave yesterday).

I have been spending as much time with them as I can,
as they are going home the end of the week.

So most of my photos were of grandbaby girl, and none of them but these
are even out of the camera yet.

Suffice it to say we had a spectacular time
getting in touch with our various muses.

Above--a pool party on the cottage porch
(sunscreen is excellent hair product, by the way),
Below:  a picnic with mommy out on "the back side" after a hike.
(that rock wall you see was between us and the 180 foot cliffs).
I see that is not entirely obvious, and I don't 
want you calling the authorities on me just as 
I get home, ok??

Thanks to all of you for your many good wishes!

I'll post more soon.  



  1. So glad you are back. Wonderful photos.
    Trying to comment. Having trouble.

  2. Welcome home! Wonderful photos and looking forward to more. So glad that you spent some healing time with loved ones.

  3. Such gifts...all that you could wish for!

  4. That scenery is breathtaking. And the grandbaby is so adorable, especially with her "hair product" on! ~Lili