...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

26 August, 2011

the blues

Today's 3pm sky is beautiful, serene.  
Not a hint of what is approaching.
...and I'm not talking about Irene.

I can't help myself about the Blues.  I really can't.
There are a million reasons to avoid the Blues.
I know them all.  The reasons do not stop me.
I put myself in their path.  I wait in the heat and the greenhead flies.
My heart pounds with anticipation.

The Blues know how to knock you out with sudden surprise.
Even when you know they are coming.
They do a mean Blues  Ballet.

There is nothing like the Blues.

See that little round helmet just behind the 'dash'?
Seeing that always gets me misty-eyed with admiration.
How does one dare to fly at top speeds, 18" apart from the next guy?

I know, I know.  Noise.  Pollution.  Wasted fuel.  Money better spent elsewhere.
But I can't help myself.   I love the Blues*.

*The Blue Angels:  US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron


  1. These are wonderful! And here, I was thinking that you really did have the blues. So glad to find out it's this kind, though ~

  2. Great captures Mike! I would have had goosebumps seeing this for sure. Lili

  3. I have been listening to the roar of the planes overhead the last few days. I never tire of the sound and, like you, am in awe of the training, discipline and sheer guts of the pilots who fly them. A big cheer for the blues!

  4. really nice capturing of the blues Mike!!

  5. Your caption caught my attention! Clever idea! :)
    I like the blues!

  6. Phenomenal pictures and awesome blog! They send chills up one's spine, don't they? Enjoy the blues.

  7. Mike, I'm with you! I love them too
    They were at our local airshow just a couple of weekends ago! They thrill me! Make me feel young again and wanting to be a Blue pilot!

  8. Hi ...Thanks for the photo's I was not able to go this time ,but have seen them and it makes your heart jump up into your throat...what a thrill!! : }}

  9. I have seen them. They are awesome.