...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

19 August, 2011

summer's passing by

Heady times this last couple of weeks.

Family from Hong Kong has returned home
after a delightful three weeks.
My heart is full of lovely memories, tucked away
like squirrels' acorns for the long winter ahead.

This last week marked the 11th anniversary of 
my husband's first brain hemorrhage.
My conscious self was not even aware of it.
My heart "knew" days before, however. Amazing what the heart knows. 
Wednesday was a difficult day,
bolstered by the love of friends and family.

11 years is a long time for uncertainty about the next 'event',
 the ongoing awareness of a slow decline--
 a kind of death by a thousand cuts.

Mid-August also delights.
Crickets rasping amidst Queen Anne's Lace in the tall grass.
Sumac rich in green fronds, and wild bamboo leaves showing red.
Searches through the milkweed for Monarch caterpillars
to take home and witness new life emerging.

New life is always emerging.  The trick is to notice it.


  1. Death by a thousand cuts... I understand. There are no words.

  2. oh, how incredibly poignant.

    i am so glad you filled your heart cache with family memories. the photo above is like diamonds scattered on the grass. thanks for sharing it with us...

  3. And to savor it.

    Thinking of you ~

    (awesome photo, btw)

  4. Mike, I'm so pleased you had a wonderful visit with your family. Memories to cerise indeed.
    Things that hurt make us stronger and we survive.

    Really like your dewy shot!

  5. Your photo took my breath away!! Love it-live is as fragile.

  6. Very beautiful, your thoughts and your image. ~Lili