...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

13 November, 2011

more dubbin' around

Hello, good people.
I'm sitting here by the fire,
looking at photos I took last summer on Monhegan.

The one below was a good idea, but the light was awful 
and it kind of went flat.

I've been trying to learn Photoshop by
trying this, then trying that...
(and trying as well to remember what it is I just did.)

So I took it to P-shop.

After trying a number of things,
some of which I cancelled,
some of which I saved, here's what it became.

(I even used the lasoo tool!)

Then I 'distorted' it by applying some 'glass'....  

Dubbin' around.  Another local occupation!


  1. It's beautiful...before and after. What a beautiful moment to capture!

  2. Mike, very interesting! Isn't it fun! I like dubbin' too!

  3. too funny. i still like the original shot too!

  4. I love the original shot the most, I think it is a wonderful capture!

  5. Is it a free application tool? I have never tried to photoshop because I have been told it is sort of difficult. I am not an expert computer wiz! EASY does it for me!

  6. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. It was interesting to learn that some of you liked the original the best. I've been looking at it with new eyes for the last few days, and am grateful you helped me do that. Linda, Photoshop is definitely a free application tool, but you probably know that. Lasso is one of the 'tools' in Photoshop. It allows you to take a segment of a photo and just alter that. In this case, the water below the setting sun started out kind of yellow, and the tool allowed me to color it differently. Thanks so much to you all for stopping by and letting me know your reactions! ;o)

  7. OOPS! Linda, I meant to say that Photoshop is definitely NOT a free application tool. It is pricey and complicated, but I find it to be kind of like an Easter egg hunt. Keep rummaging around, and you'll discover new things as time goes on. It helps to have someone show you stuff--which happens in my local camera club from time to time....