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18 November, 2011

man meets turkey

I just watched a most wonderful video online 

The photos I post today came from this video,
which is an episode of 
Public Broadcasting System's show Nature.

I think every single one of you who 
peek at this blog will LOVE it.

You might be able to see it this week
on the "big screen"  (your tv),
whenever your local station airs Nature.
You can also watch it on your computer by 
clicking on the link above.
Include your kids.  Include all the nature lovers you know.
It is heartwarming and full of inspiration.

Years ago, a wildlife writer named Joe Hutto wrote the book
My Life as a Turkey
recording his experience of incubating
a dish full of wild turkey eggs given to him
by a friend.

He made turkey noises at the eggs while they were incubating,
and the eggs spoke back.

When 16 eggs hatched,
he found he was committed to raising them
as a turkey mom would.

This video is a re-inactment of Hutto's story
by filmmaker David Allen,
"starring" a different clutch of turkeys
and the wildlife photographer and actor Jeff Palmer playing Hutto.

Palmer recites Hutto's words
and the camera follows the turkey family
through over a year of mutual learning
and wonder.  

These photos are all stills from David Allen's
superb cinematography.
The lessons the turkeys learn during the year and a half
pale in comparison to the lessons learned by 
the human "turkey mom".

Five stars.  Two thumbs up.
Don't miss it!


  1. Mike, I watched that show on Nature on Wednesday! I like you, was very taken with it! I wouldn't have thought a bird would have had the emotion shown, especially a Turkey!

  2. Oh, no. Sorry, the photos I posted have disappeared. Guess "they" didn't feel I had a right to use them, despite my careful crediting a few times. Well, that's just more inspiration to see the show yourself. The photography/cinematography is exquisite!

  3. Oops -- I wasn't fast enough and missed your photos!! I'll watch the video. I also wanted to tell you that I watched the You-tube clip you suggested on Kate's blog -- the one with all the starlings. It was AMAZING! Thanks:)

  4. that was amazing. what an incredible journey into wildlife. thank you for sharing it.