...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

10 November, 2011

11 eleven project

Here's an idea for all of us.
Have you heard of it?
It's called the  11 eleven project.

A group of good folks is proposing a world-wide happening
to take place
all day on 11-11-11.
Which happens to be today for some of us,
and for others of us, only hours away.

For the 24 hours of 11-11-11,
They are requesting images, sounds, music
blogs, tweets--
anything and everything to record the experience of the day,

For instance, I might record the pounding of the rain
on my skylights just as midnight hits,
then tomorrow take some photos,
write a blog, put down some thoughts--
to share with everyone else in the world who 
cares to participate.

The project creators hope to make a documentary film,
a world music collection,
and a book.

100% of the proceeds from these projects
will be split evenly among
six very worthy non-profits.

What an exciting idea!
For many of us in the States, Friday is a holiday.
Lots of time to get out there and just BE--
then share what happens when we do that.

I'm playing.  Are you??
Click on the link above to find out who, what, where, when,
and HOW.  

...then come back here to tell me how you observed the day.
Have fun!


  1. gorgeous lichen.

    i do hope the energy of this day is a good one for all!

  2. My son tweeted at 11:11 11/11/11 and the twitterverse was buzzing all day. There's one more shot at this if anyone cares to stay up that late!

    Hearty congratulations on the success of your blog (I'm late with this as we have been out of town!) Your views and photos are a breath of fresh air.