...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

08 October, 2011

what I saw today

Nearby in New Gloucester,
there is a former institution for the developmentally disabled
that has been born again.

The residents who have survived have long been  
returned to their communities.
The buildings got a face lift and now house businesses and schools,
and the grounds now comprise a farm
that is a model for how to farm sustainably
and bring local food into our kitchens and stores.

We went to see the critters.
My eye was often captured by parts of bigger things. 
Parts that others might not look at,
or pay much attention to.

Each of these images represents something
I carried home today in my heart.

This girl flirted with me outrageously.

Those of you who nursed your babies--ever felt like this looks?

Lip smackin good dinner today, deah!

Two seconds after I took this photo, she slurped my camera.

This guy's women were hustling by his pen,
and he was checking out every one!
I love his ornamentation, don't you?

Not many things are more graceful than a horse's tail
when the flies are about.

Scratch me, please.  Right HERE!

This photo is not one of my best, but it represents a memory.
She and I leaned into each other through the bars of her stall.
I lay my forehead against one side
And she leaned her nose against me,
letting out soft, horsey breaths against my skin.

Few things are more soothing than leaning into a horse's body.


  1. so true. when i need a moment, i'll lean against my gelding while he's happily munching his feed...

  2. and that ram looks like he's got a rose tucked behind his ear...

  3. I love that you captured the parts rather than the whole of these critters. Your captions are priceless.

  4. Love these! I guess that's one way to clean your face without a tissue;D

  5. Mike, I like those parts too! Interesting perspective!

  6. I just loved seeing all those bits and pieces of those precious critters! ~Lili