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24 October, 2011

"precious light"

Last week in camera club,
we had a chance to hear some of our more accomplished members
talk about their photography.

I have so much to learn.  I gobbled up everything they said.

One member talked about what he had learned from his mentor.
The mentor talked about this thing he termed 
"precious light".
The mentor said, "Forget about composition for now.
Just go seek out precious light wherever you go.
When you find it, take photos.  Even if it's
just a bubblegum wrapper on the street.
Get to know precious light so that it is 
instinctive to you--until you automatically "know'
when you are in it.
Then go back to composition.
Your photos will never be the same again."

I have been thinking hard about precious light since then.
I think I have taken photos in that light.
I am not sure I know when I am "in" it.
 I know many of you are instinctively  aware
of "precious light"--
your photos reflect that (pardon the pun.)

Help me out.  How do you understand this concept
(even if you call it something else,
or just intuitively "know" it)?

The subject of these shots is precious to me.
I was in some pretty interesting light.
Not sure if this is precious light, though--
or just a precious child.  


  1. either way, these are fabulous! :) full of love!

  2. Mike, those are two lovely shots! I love the shadows! Almost like they were visiting each other! I don't know if it's precious light but it's certainly precious!

  3. It is precious light, Mike, and this little darling has already discovered it. Do we find it as children and then lose it? I am smiling just looking at these.

  4. What a sweetie and her shadow you've captured there Mike! I was playing around with my camera (on manual mode mind you, which I never have done before) and the light near the end of the day really speaks to me. I also am mesmerized by what I see near dawn too. We are both so lucky to have such fabulous places to practice here in this Great State of Maine. ~Lili