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16 October, 2011

dubbin' around

In Maine, if you are just hanging out, experimenting,
not really knowing what you are doing
or where you are going with it,
you are "dubbin' around."

Tonight I was looking at old photos of autumns past.
This image started out as a shot of
leaves kicked up by a leaf blower.
I was in the San Francisco Bay area, and I guess you could say
I was dubbin' around that day, too.
The person who was operating the leaf blower surely thought
I had lost my mind.

Tonight I took that photo to PhotoShop,
about which I know next to nothing.
I did this, and then that, and then the other thing.
Kind of like the other night when I posted "Well, Well"
and used that image of the great blue in the tall grass.

Sometimes it's fun to be way out there not knowing what you are doing.

What do you do when you are dubbin' around?


  1. Mike, that's great dubbin! I really like the way it turned out! Very original. Lately I've been dubbin around with HDR! As first I was a bit skeptical, but the more I see the more I like! I've had some that have turned out okay, but I'm still learning! And that's a good thing!

  2. Dubbin looks fun. I especially like your idea of not having a plan, mess around and just do something. Found your blog tonight from TexWis Teresa's blog. Your photographs are very colorful. I am in wonderment over going to Maine next year. I think a road trip from Northern California should be fun. I want to go in the fall, my husand is thinking earlier like April. What is your suggestion? You lead a way different life there with the boats, the weather, etc. I will be back to check on you.

  3. Hm, I like the thought and sound of dubbin around. Wandering around a bookstore or an antique shop has a dubbin around feel. Putzing around in the garden, shuffling through leaves. Dubbin. I'll be thinking on that all day, Mike.

    I love your picture!

  4. Good post! I was perusing Kate/Country Girl's blog list and found yours and definitely like the looks of it.

  5. I like your "dubbin around"! Cool!

  6. I have forgotten what dubbin around looks like in my ever so intentional life. Is there an app for that?

  7. Like what you did. Didn't know about this Maine term. I like it!

  8. I've never heard "dubbin around" before, but now I'll be on the lookout for the term!

    My brother, uses "doinking"...an engineer's expression when he fiddles with photos and cameras. Basically, it's just messin' with no particular objective in mind. Personally, I love the 'let's see what happens if I do this' approach. It certainly worked for you. Spectacular result!

  9. Oh yes! That is so creative Mike. And what I should have said in my previous comment was that I was out dubbin' around with my camera set on manual mode. haha ~Lili