...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

12 June, 2011

a poem for today

Walking Home on an Early Spring Evening

Every microcosm needs its crow,
something to hang around and comment, 
alight on highest branches.

Who hasn't seen the gnats,
the pollen grains that coat the windshield—
who hasn't heard the tree frogs?

In the long march that takes us all our life,
in and out of sleep, sun up, sun gone,
our aging back and forth, smiling and puzzled,
there come these times: you stop and look,

and fix on something unremarkable,
a parking lot or just a patch of sumac,
but it will flare and resonate

and you'll feel part of it for once, 
you'll be a goldfinch hanging on a feeder,
you'll be a river system all in silver
etched on a frosty driveway, you'll 

say "Folks, I think I made it this time,
I think this is my song." The crow lifts up,
its feathers shine and whisper,

its round black eye surveys indifferently
the world we've made
and then the one we haven't.

David Young from  Black Lab


  1. What a great poem!! And I LOVE that picture:)

  2. Mike, you could not have posted a more perfect poem for me today. I don't know David Young and will be searching his work out and I will borrow a few lines from this sometime - of that I am certain.

    Don't you just love Ladies' Mantle? I can spend hours watching the progress of each and every leaf as it opens, like a fan, and I love the way a dewdrop falls and sits in the center for a day. Your photo is spectacular and a perfect companion to Young's poem.

  3. Mike, great post. Love the poem and the shot!
    Our weather is like that today. In a word, Wet!
    Have a good one!

  4. What a fabulous poem and photo! It speaks exactly to what I'm trying to capture in my blog too. Penny from the cutoff put me on to your blog and I'm delighted to discover it. Am a follower from now on (from NZ)

  5. What a lovely poem. We had a beautiful long spring here in Maryland, along with much rain. It was the best we've had in recent years. Then it got hot, way too hot. And now it feels like Maine in the summer. It's so perfect here today, it makes me want to sing ~

    but I'll spare you that.