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27 June, 2011

first, one!

We celebrated my grandbaby girl's first birthday today.

Her birthday isn't for a few days, 
but all her grandparents who could come this week were assembled,
and it was not a work day for mama and daddy.

You know how there is always something that captures baby's interest
that is not the cake or the presents or any of that?
Sometimes it's the boxes, sometimes the wrapping paper.

Today it was the hats.  

Hers came off first, then all of ours were captured 
by her eager hands. 
She could have sat there and scrunched and eaten
and looked at them all day.  


Later she discovered the new books.

This child loves a good book.
(And it doesn't matter if it's right-side-up or -down, sometimes.)


Finally, the "completely good for you" cake that mama
labored over for a good part of yesterday appeared.
Cake is a new food for this little girl.

She actually liked her beans and sweet potatoes better....
But the rest of us loved that cake!!

Meantime, this was what was going on beneath the high chair tray:

I'm a nut for baby feet, aren't you??

I neither can believe it has been one whole year already,

nor can I believe there was ever a time I didn't know her.

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl!


  1. Mike, aren't the kids just like that! I feel like my grandkids have been here all along!
    Your's is a real sweetheart!
    I do like being a grandparent, don't you!

  2. Happy birthday to you precious, beautiful grand daugter! Love, love, love baby feet so thanks for that shot of her pretty feet.

  3. she is absolutely a sweetheart. that face. so precious...

  4. What an adorable birthday girl! Isn't it the most joyous thing to be a grandparent? and to be a grandparent on baby's first birthday is grand, grand indeed. Love those chubby little baby feet. Isn't it wonderous how they fill our hearts from the first moment we meet them and, as you say, it is as if you always knew them.

  5. Baby feet... so sweet. What wonderful memories you have captured!! It seems just yesterday that we were celebrating Alexandra and Graham's First birthdays... my children, no grands... but I still don't understand how the time goes by so quickly.

  6. Ooooh ..so darn precious these first years when they are discovering new things...so fascinating to watch them, and watch all you can!!
    My grandson just turned 10 this past Friday ..oh did that go by fast!!
    Thanks for sharing this special time with us...she is a real sweetheart!!

  7. Love baby tootsies. Happy birthday to your little sweetie.

  8. Love EVERYTHING about babies and this one is a beautiful little sweetheart.

    You are so wrapped around her tootsies.

    Mike, yes, I DO love Monhegan ESPECIALLY after summer is over when all the songbirds and hawks are migrating through. It is magical.

    Sending warm hellos from a homesick Maine lover,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  9. Happy Birthday to your little beauty!

  10. AN ANGEL!!
    I love your captures of her 1st Party.
    The toes get me every time too....and the party hat look is priceless:)
    Happy Birthday to your sweetheart!!

  11. We were so lucky to have Grammy here for both the original and the first (2nd?) birthdays. Thanks, Mama, for documenting these occasions beautifully, but mostly for being here and for being you. I love you.

  12. What a gorgeous little girl, and isn't it so special to watch a little one discovering the joys of the world, one by one, and finding things for the first time. What a happy post this is.

  13. What a little sweet pea she is!!! Such darling pics Mike! ~Lili