...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

14 March, 2012

dreaming of dingle

As we approach St. Paddy's Day,
I start to think fondly of the land of my ancestors.

Nine years ago, my friend asked me to spend a February week with her
in Ireland, where she and her husband
have a second home.

Here she is, below--out on the coast, in the wind:

We had a great time just being girls:
making simple meals, knitting,
 and soaking in the Irish beauty all around us.

We never left the Dingle peninsula, which is on the west coast of Ireland.

Here are some photos within walking distance of
their simple house by the sea.

Here are some photos of what it looks like
within an hour or so's drive.

And below is a frequent scene from "my" bedroom window,
which looks out on the Ring of Kerry.

Thank you, Pam.  For memories and images
to last a lifetime.
And for your lasting friendship.

Slante´ to all!


  1. Mike, tis indeed a wonderful place to dream of! My kith and kin come from the western shore of the next country east of dingle. Another wonderful place to dream of!
    Cheers to you too!

  2. incredibly beautiful. must have been a week of a lifetime...

  3. Gorgeous photos of a wonderful landscape. I've only visited the north of Ireland, but these images remind me strongly of the Western Highlands of Scotland - bare, sea-lapped and majestic.

  4. Dear Mike,
    Three of my grandparents traced their heritage back to Ireland and so the land holds a special place in my heart.
    I've visited there once but only on the eastern side. I so long to return and see the west. That must be the Atlantic Ocean that you could see from your window when you visited your friend. So many colors of green and so much good use of the rocks. Thank you for these wonderfully lovely photographs. And Happy St. Pat's to you!


  5. You paint such a beautiful account of your stay there that is every bit as lovely as those images Mike. It is incredibly beautiful there and is truly a place that would remain in ones heart forever. Thanks for sharing! ~Lili

  6. What a wonderful lead in to St. Patrick's Day coming up, Mike. The pictures are breathtaking and capture all I've heard the west coast of Ireland holds. Someday . . .

    My husband is Irish on his father's side. The corned beef is in the refrigerator, the soda bread a sweet anticipation.