...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

21 March, 2012

the dancing drake

It's been outrageously warm here in Maine,
have you heard?

Temps in the 70s.  Shorts and short sleeve weather.
All the birds are singing their mating songs.
Pheromones abound.

I've been watching the ice go out of our pond for weeks.
There is a very thin layer only on about half the pond today.
Even the crows aren't landing there anymore.

The mallard drake and his wife have once again
taken up residence.
Can you see him kicking up his heels with joy?

(Actually, he is standing on a submerged thin ledge of ice,
grooming under his leg.

...Which is duck for kicking up his heels with joy.) 


  1. that is too cute. would be a perfect link-up to weekend reflections. :)

  2. Mike, beware winter still lurks! At least it does around here! But it was actually not a bad day today and the sun shone!

  3. Dear Mike, . . . absolutely! kicking up those red shoes! Peace.

  4. Fabulous shot. A duck and his puddle.

    Similar weather here. Nine days of record breaking heat in Chicagoland. We've had three feet of snow dumped on us in March - at one time. This year, 80 degrees +. Trees blooming, daffodils and tulips just about spent. Robins and sparrows confused. I'm just trying to enjoy it while waiting for the Apocalypse.

  5. Lucky Duck. It's been cold and rainy here is California. Driving to Portland to visit colleges next week. It's been snowing there. What's up with that?
    Love you ,dear. friend.

  6. I hope we get real spring..........it's too early for summer.