...to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free....

07 February, 2012

snow moon

I was lucky enough today to have a friend
who is studying astrology
read my chart.

I have been wary of having my chart read,
because I have wondered
if the person who might read my chart
really knew her stuff.

I think by that I mean 
that although a person might know about moons and planets
and the like,
my background as a therapist tells me
the astrologer should be attuned to emotions
and spirituality as much as to 
the astrological facts.

(Maybe that shows my ignorance about astrology.
Perhaps what I was looking for
is assumed in anyone who has a background in astrology.)

But I needed to be sure.

Today, the perfect person told me about my chart.
I was pretty astounded at how 'on the money'
her information was about me.
Kind of like that old Don Mclean/Roberta Flack song:
"As if she found my letters and read each one aloud".

Well, this is what I learned today:
It is essential that I balance myself with 'moon energy'.
Female energy.  Creative, playful, resting, being-still energy.
Listening to myself as carefully as I listen to others.

And tonight, as I was leaving work,
there she was.
Making a silver path across the river.

Reminding me...

...Reminding me.


  1. Such a beautiful photograph!!! I, too, am a bit skittish about having anyone tell me about myself, astrologer, cards, anything!!!

    1. Well, as i said, the right person had to come along, first. But that is ok, too. Wouldn't it be awful if we did everything right away? What would we have to entertain us in our old age, then? ;o)

  2. Sometimes we know ourselves too well............

    1. In this case, it felt right to have some things I know but tend to put in the background brought forward and put into a clearer perspective. Emphasized in a new way--making me more mindful. Because what I know too well is that I can be too un-mindful of ME. (But that might just be me.) ;o)

  3. Mike, wasn't she a beauty! She was pure and white on our side of the continent! There was on point in your reading that I have to do more, and that is listen to myself. I don't often do that!

    1. I try hard to spend some time in silence each day--but if I am on the computer or reading, I am not necessarily any closer to listening to myself. Being out in nature is what does it for me. I am glad you had a good vantage point on that beautiful moon, too, Robin! ;o)

  4. Mike, What a very cool post and wonderful capture of this wondrous sight! Loved hearing your expectations for having a reading, I would want that too. ~Lili

    1. I am really glad I waited until I found what I was looking for. I could open myself up to the experience so much more that way. Wasn't the moon spectacular? So glad you stopped by, Lili. I have been missing you. ;o)

  5. Yes, it was a beautiful moon. It would be interesting to have my chart done.

  6. Dear Mike,
    An evocative photograph that begs us to reflect. LIke you, I've had my chart done by a gifted and intuitive astrologer who saw so much of what my life has been and has helped me recognize some patterns I want to change. She has also helped me trust my own instincts and listen to my body. A great help.

    I'm glad your visit with the astrologer went well. This sitting at the computer can keep us from turning inward to the deep center of ourselves where Presence dwells. But nature, as you say in one comment, helps us explore the possibilities of being.