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05 February, 2012

go pats

Mike Reiss/ESPNBoston.com

Are you ready for some football?

I don't much care for the sport.
I understand the game, and
I think the scenery is nice (ahem!),
but it's too violent for me
and I keep thinking about head injury.

I got snookered into it this year by my friend Jim,
who wangled an invite to see the playoff games at my house
two weekends ago.
So now, I have to see it to its conclusion.

I've got the meal in the crock pot.
We are laying low this afternoon to be sharp for this evening.
My husband has been watching Sports Pontification
on the TV since before noon.

Like most everyone in Maine, we are rooting for the Patriots.

Did you know that Maine used to be part of Massachusetts?
Before 1820, when Maine became the 23rd state,
this territory we live in was filled with 
reckless drivers who talk even funnier
than we do.
(I'm only describing eastern Massachusetts people.
Those from the western part of the state more closely resemble Mainers.
...for the most part, anyway.)

When it comes to sports allegiance, 
Mainers still remember their Massachusetts roots.

We are diehard Red Sox fans, Celtics fans,
Bruins fans and Patriot fans.
Tonight there will be no cars moving downtown
(unless I sneak out for gelato),
and after 5:30 it would be a great time to 
go grocery shopping at Shaw's or Hannaford's.

I'll be knitting in the tv room.
Watching the commercials and the scenery.
Looking up whenever the crowd really roars.


Do you watch the Superbowl?

If so, is it for the commercials,
the half time show,
the boys in tight pants,
or for the game itself?

I'm eager to know.




  1. My husband is downstairs watching it as I write, even though it's nearly midnight over here. He has watched it for many years, having caught the love of it from our daughter, who in the late 1980s was a diehard fan of the Fortyniners. If they were playing in the Superbowl she would stay up until 3am to watch, even though she had to get up for school next morning!

    1. Oh, that's really funny, Perpetua. What dedication on the part of your husband. It was a really exciting game, I'll have to say. The wrong team won, but Red Sox Baseball is just around the corner! ;o)

    2. He says the game was so close that it could have gone either way until the very end. So a defeat, but not a wipeout.

  2. Hello! No, I don't watch football at all. I have no understanding of the game. The high school I attended in Missouri was small and we didn't have a football team, so I never learned anything about the game.

    Like you I worry so about head injuries. So I've never tried to learn the game by watching.

    Tonight, I'll be watching Downton Abbey on Masterpiece. I can hardly wait!!!


    1. Downton Abbey was probably a much saner choice, Dee. Hope you enjoyed it! ;o)

  3. Mike, no, I'm not a football fan. I did catch Madonna at half time!
    It was my granddaughters 9th birthday so we went out for dinner by the sea side. The restaurant was empty except for one other couple. Just perfect. We went early and caught the sun setting over the ocean. It was gorgeous and we had a wonderful meal. So we have pledged to go out every Superbowl and enjoy a quiet meal at a usually busy and quite popular place!

    1. What a grand idea! Dinner out in a place without a huge wall TV and hoards of noisy football fans! The sanity of Canada.....Happy birthday to your grand-girl. ;o)

  4. Mike,
    I am telling you that watching the Superbowl in Giant's country was beyond painful!!!! I am still here....licking my wounds!!!!

    1. There was a story on the local news tonight about a guy who was so sure the Patriots would win, he told his work-mates that if they lost, he would wear a dress to work. The TV crew was there to film him in his low-cut red frock this morning. His hairy decolletage and his clunky shoes. Those Giant fans can be MEAN! ;o)