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21 January, 2012

out of Africa

         The Rear View, by Henry                                                   

Helen, Charlotte and Henry have gone to Africa. 

A mom and her two adolescents have left Maine
 and the familiar comforts of home and friends (and husband/dad John)
 to experience living somewhere so very different for a school semester.

E.B. White wrote:  
“It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.”  
I am blessed with several of these, and Helen is surely one of them. 
Her writing never disappoints.  
(Her photos aren't too shabby, either!)

Do stop by her blog,  Plot 2523. Botswana.  
Leave winter behind, and imagine the safari ride, 
learning to drive on the left, first day of school for the kids, 
and the monkey who stole the squash from the garden, 
setting off the chickens and the dogs like nobody's business.

Encore, Helen, encore!


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